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It has been awhile since the last update to this blog and to the site. During this time some new tools have come about that are now widely supported in most modern browsers.

CSS Grid

This css tool allows for much more freedom in how a website can be laid out and designed. It gives the designer more flexibility in where an element can be placed on the page. Things such as overlaps, more complex grids and almost pixel perfect placement. The other great benefit to css grid is that it is very responsive, in other words, the elements will flow to the viewport of whatever device the website is being viewed.


So, with css grid I was able to do a complete redesign of Source Order. Complete with a fresh new look, all of the columns and grids use css grid as the layout tool. I have also updated the icon branding of the site with a more simple design.

More updates soon

The News section will also be updated soon with a feature that allows for the post header image also be the banner image when viewing that particular article.

Until next timeā€¦

September 14, 2020