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SourceOrder Web Design has a new design now. It was updated today with a more streamlined and cleaner look. The corners are rounded off, the color scheme is a little different. And, the blog is a more modern layout that also matches the round corners of the rest of the site.

More Compact

There is now one less page to cut down on ...

Mail Boxes
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The contact form is back up.

metal shapes
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There was a recent update to the blogging platform the I use to create posts. When you place an image topper for a blog posts, that same image will become the header for the full entry page of that particular blog posts. This adds to a more professional look and feel to your blog posts and allows the user to experience a more concentrated view of ...

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I have recently been testing an editor for the blogging stack, Alloy for Rapidweaver. This is a great addition to Alloy because it allows for the creation and editing of blog posts via a web page instead of uploading files with a ftp app to a web server. The editor makes it dead simple to create a blog ...

Apple Watch Series 4
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I have been wearing an Apple Watch Series 2 for the last two years. And it has been on my wrist almost every day of those two years. The software update to watchOS 4 last year was good enough to keep me from upgrading to the Series 3 watch. There were a couple issues with the hardware as far as speed of apps launching and communicating to the iPhone. ...