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I have been wearing an Apple Watch Series 2 for the last two years. And it has been on my wrist almost every day of those two years. The software update to watchOS 4 last year was good enough to keep me from upgrading to the Series 3 watch. There were a couple issues with the hardware as far as speed of apps launching and communicating to the iPhone. The main feature I really enjoy about the Apple Watch is the fitness tracking and heart rate data. The day job that I have requires me to walk at least 4-6 miles a day on average. So, I really enjoy seeing my progress throughout the day to see if I am on track to meet my daily goals.

A New Design, Finally

The rumors starting up early in the summer that Apple was going to have a redesing of the Series 4 this year. So, I was pleased that I skipped last years model for this one. The sizes increased from 38mm to 40mm and 42mm to 44mm for each size of the watch. The increase in size was in the vertical deminsion, but the width basically stayed to same.

And the Bands Played On

Keeping the width essentially the same allowed Apple to use legacy watch bands with the new Series 4 watches. There was anxiety over this prior to the keynote announcement. When this was announced there was applause and a sigh of relief from those in attendance. I have to say I was very happy to hear this as well since I have several watch bands myself.


The Series 4 looks thinner than any of the previous models of the Apple Watch. Also, the button that is below the crown is flush with the case of the watch. This adds to how the watch looks thinner than its predecessor.

This is a great iterative design progression for the Apple Watch and it looks great.

January 8, 2019