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There is a new blogging solution for Foundry from Elixergraphics called Alloy. It is tightly integrated with the Foundry framework for Rapidweaver. It allows for a very clean, lightweight blog that can be edited outside of Rapidweaver.

Keep it Flat

Alloy uses flat files that are markdown based that generate clean html. This makes it very easy to manage and keeps your blog page fast and easy to manage. All that is needed is a text editor and a FTP app to upload your posts to your web host. No need for a mySQL database which can be difficult to setup and manage. Also, the database can become damaged and tables are dropped, etc. With .md files you can have them on your local Mac and the web server so there is minimal chance of losing posts.

Edit Anywhere

Sinse the files live on you web host outside of Rapidweaver you can use an iPad, iPhone or PC to create and upload new posts or edit post without the need to use Rapidweaver to edit you blog. Also, Alloy is tightly integrated with Foundry. This gives you style control of your blog to match the look and feel of you website. Font styles, margins etc. are controled by Foundry giving you control of you blog within Rapidweaver.

Missing Element

Alloy is the one element that has been missing from the Foundry Framework of stacks. It is the perfect fit and completes the best toolkit for building modern, professional websites with Rapidweaver. I have been beta testing it for several months and I know Adam of Elixergraphics has been very eager to get this product out for the users of Foundry.

I have been using in it while in beta and it has been very stable product and I hightly recommend it.

May 29, 2018