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I have recently been testing an editor for the blogging stack, Alloy for Rapidweaver. This is a great addition to Alloy because it allows for the creation and editing of blog posts via a web page instead of uploading files with a ftp app to a web server. The editor makes it dead simple to create a blog post with Markdown because the editor has all of the Markdown formating built in.


This is a great update to an already great stack for Foundry and Alloy. It is much less complicated to create posts as well as edit current posts if needed. Another great feature of the editor is the ability to have draft post. You can work on a posts without publishing it right away. Another feature is that you do not need to manage a folder of files for the blog. The editor takes care of this issue on its own. This minimizes mistakes, such as deletions of the .md files on your server or deleting the posts folder itself.


This makes the purchase of Alloy a no brainer now. It makes it dead simple to maintain a blog on a Rapidweaver site. I highly recommend if you are on the fence about this stack, go out and purchase to add to your toolbox for Rapidweaver.