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I have been using a tool that is great for mocking up web sites and for icon creation. The app is called Sketch and it is aimed toward the web and device u/i designers.

The latest update allows for prototyping a web site or mobile app that can have some limited functionality for navigation between pages ...

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Color selection for your website is a very important mater during the design process. The color says so much about the style and message of your brand/business. Most companies have a style guide that specifies the color for web and print. These companies even go so far as to have a certain color trademarked ...

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Yes, simple design is hard, it is difficult to find that balance of style and substance. It is easy to add the latest wiz bang web fad to your website to be cool. Trying to make it simple to view the content and pleasant to look at is the key. The absence of stuff can be just as powerful as the addition of stuff.


That balance ...


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